About us

Ten years of exquisite craftsmanship, full range of imported equipment, perfect modern management quality system

 Caseyourlife and its subsidiaries (the "company"​) design, produce and distribute creative mobile accessory solutions. 

The company offer solutions  for tablet cases, mobile phone cases and some other mobile accessories.

Caseyourlife serves various style of cases, including professional, 

work-hard technology-based product line; fun, trend-driven, clever and colorful line; 

and durable, scientifically-formulated, protective product line.

Caseyourlife distinguishes itself by offering industry-leading products 

through targeted global distribution channels, with the broadest product 

offering in its sector. 

More information about the company and its brands is available at www.caseyourlife.com.

Our advantage

Carefully designed, refined every detail

We have been engaged in the leather goods industry for more than ten years. 

The industrial chain has a combination of various technologies such as pulling oil, picking seams and cutting.

 It perfectly shows the combination of traditional handwork and imported technology. 

The employee happiness index is considerable, and the sales volume is sold. all around the world.

Core technology

Professional traditional handcrafted with modern machines to make products more perfect and professional!

Our team, who are engaged in various professional and technical personnel, are elites who have been strategizing, 

and have introduced nearly one hundred imported machines, 

and have improved management mechanisms to make quality and production performance more prominent, 

so that global customers do not have to worry. Worried about it.

Flexibility and innovation is our mission

New introduction of new technologies and the creation of traditional handicrafts

 Continuous innovation and the introduction of new skills and technologies

can enable the company to continue to develop. 

For the company's development, the company has continuously 

introduced various imported machines, 

which are specially developed for the

wrist strap and mobile phone shell industry.

Perfect production system and management system

Professional manufacturing and service, make you and me will be better tomorrow

The company is engaged in one-stop service and can customize a series of products

 for any company and institutional organization. Because we have a sound production system and management system.